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Hand-washing A to E for Kids


Hand-washing A to E for Kids

As the epidemic is raging, measures for personal hygiene and epidemic prevention must be adequate. In addition to proper use of mask, how to wash hands properly is also an important issue to pay attention to.

 Kids love to loaf and take shortcuts especially when their parents are not nearby. It is easy for them to neglect the importance of personal hygiene. Nevertheless, as kids love to compete, parents could raise their children’s willingness to follow steps if the steps are provided precisely and in details.

 Therefore, in order for kids to wash their hands intently and properly, they have to remember the five steps of ‘Hand-washing A to E’.

A.Turn on the faucet and wet your hands

B. Add liquid soap to your palms and start rubbing your hands for 20 to 30 seconds. For easier time-keeping, you are suggested to sing ‘London Bridge is falling down’ while rubbing. Sing 6 times, and clean different parts of your hands for each time.

        1st           Rub the palms with each other
        2nd         Rub the back of hands one by one with the other hand
        3rd           Hold your hands with interlocking fingers, then rub
        4th           Make a fist with your right hand, then rub the fingers of your left hand one by one
        5th           Make a fist with your left hand, then rub the fingers of your right hand one by one
        6th           Rub the wrists one by one with the other hand
C.Rinse your hands with water
D. Dry your hands with a paper towel
E.turn off the faucet with a paper towel and avoid direct contact